The Blevins Buckle on your saddle sometimes goes unnoticed but checking it periodically is important to prevent rust and corrosion.  Byan Biggs of Veach Made Saddle Works shows us what the Blevins Buckle is and how to check to make sure your saddle is safe to ride.

The Blevins Buckle is located on the stirrup and the metal piece slides up and down.  Many Blevins Buckles are aluminum and are mounted with copper rivets which are susceptible to salt corrosion from your horse’s sweat.  You could begin to see the leather dry around the rivets which is also from the sweat of a horse.

Periodically checking your saddle which includes the leather along with any metal pieces such as your Blevins Buckle will help prevent accidents from happening.  Some people think that water can hurt your leather, but actually  water doesn’t hurt your saddle.  The breakdown of your leather or metal pieces on your saddle is from the salt and sweat from your horse.


Biggs says to make sure and oil your saddle clean it at least a couple of times a year


– Lisa Cantrell – Foxtrot Urbane


Bryan Biggs of Veach Made Leather Works specializes in those one of a kind leather items along with repairing all things leather.  Reach Bryan at Veach Made Leather Works