Now and then in the human life, we experience a hump. A hump blocks forward progress.

Fancy and I have made amazing progress. I realize she is a most amazing Missouri Fox Trotter horse. She is smart and an athletic gaited horse. She can do anything if asked “right”.. Just within this past thirty days, her canter has become amazing. She is balanced and in better control. I’m in shock and awe up in the saddle.

We come to the time where I’m asking Fancy to do something athletically difficult. She is right there with me. It’s a difficult maneuver. I am having difficulty communicating all the cues needed. My body has to be balanced. My leg cues have to be perfect. My focus has to be perfect. I am searching for the best way for Fancy to do the maneuver.

Enter Erin Patterson, awesome trainer and owner of Patterson Performance Stable where Fancy boards. I asked Erin to give me a lesson by riding Fancy and working out the best way for me to give Fancy the best opportunity to have her four legs perform the maneuver.

This was an awesome lesson. Erin showed and told me what my body needed to do. Fancy got experience in trying to do what Erin’s body cues were asking. Fancy made a lot of progress. Even though I wasn’t riding, my body learned a lot by watching Erin.

We ride on! Now I can’t wait to ride Fancy and get practiced in providing the cues and remaining balanced! The hump has been bulldozed. Yee Haw!

Thank you Erin Patterson for your dedication to horses and their crazy humans!

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– Susan Engle

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