This Missouri Fox Trotter is


Sunset Sky

owned by Larry and Vickie Walker from Stockton, UT

Trail Riding/Unverified

Total Credits

2020 Accomplishments


Trail Riding/Unverified

Trail Date: 10/21/2020, Location: Settlement Canyon, City: Tooele, State: Utah, Miles Ridden: 2.90, Rider Name: Larry Walker, Credits: 1.5

Trail Date: 10/8/2020, Location: Compton Hollow, City: Rogersville, State: Missouri, Miles Ridden: 6.9, Rider Name: Larry Walker, Credits: 3.5

Trail Date: 10/7/2020, Location: Gravel Roads, City: Conway, State: Missouri, Miles Ridden: 3.7, Rider Name: Larry Walker, Credits: 1.9



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