As a leather worker, and Missouri Fox Trotter Trainer, Bryan Biggs of Veach Made Leather Works gets to learn the background of many of the saddles he works on.  Most of these saddles have stories to tell, so repairing them back to their original state is important to maintain the history and importance of the saddle and keeping it original.  One recent saddle Bryan repaired for owner Brad McCall is definitely bringing back some special memories and has ties to a Missouri Fox Trotter.

Saddle owner Brad McCall tells Bryan that his dad, Bill McCall, bought the Snyder saddle in the late 70’s early 80’s at the farm auction of the late Dale Wood in Laclede County Missouri on the Gasconade River.  Dale owned the 1967 Senior World Champion Stallion Danny Joe W.




As a teenager Brad used the saddle on his families dairy and beef farm to check cattle and ride around the farm. Later on, when Brad’s mom would ride around the farm with dad, he would put her on this saddle. The higher back and big swells made her feel more secure on a horse.


Brad’s hope now is that his 12 year old nephew will use this great saddle.  In Brad’s estimation, he feels that the saddle is at least 100 years old if not a little older.








It is a great saddle!  Brad says Bryan Biggs did an excellent job cleaning and bringing it back to life! Hopefully it will be around for several more generations to come.











– Brad McCall, Missouri Fox Trotter enthusiast and saddle owner



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