This Missouri Fox Trotter is


Question Of Perfection D

owned by Rebecca Tinsley from Belton, MO

Group/Private Lesson

Kohout's Credits


Trail Riding/Unverified

Total Credits

2021 Accomplishments



Seminar/Clinic Date(s): 3/28/21, Primary Focus of Seminar/Clinic: Gaits, Name of Clinician: Erin Patterson, How Many Hours Did it Last?: 7, How Many Days?: 1, Location: Sitter downs arena, City and State: Lone jack Mo, Rider Name: Rebecca Tinsley, Credits: 2

Kohout’s Credits

Date: 03-10-2021, March Kohout’s Challenge – Saddle horse while ground tied, Rider Name: Rebecca Tinsley, Credits: 10

Date: 1/10/21, January Kohout’s Challenge – Lead your horse forward by the jaw 15 feet then come to a halt, no halter or lead rope, Rider Name: Rebecca Tinsley, Credits: 10

Group/Private Lesson

Group/Private Lesson Date(s): 12/26/20, How Many Hours Did It Last?: 1, Primary Focus of Group/Private Lesson: Gaits, Name of Instructor: Erin Patterson, Location: Patterson Performance Horses, City: Pleasant Hill, State: MO, Rider Name: Rebecca Tinsley, Credits: 1

Trail Riding/Unverified

Trail Date: 12/31/20, Location: Walkabout Farms, City: Peculiar, State: MO, Miles Ridden: 2, Rider Name: Rebecca Tinsley, Credits: 1



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