I’m lucky.  I feel lucky a lot of the time…but this pandemic really highlights how fortunate I am.

I’m lucky to have two parents, still together and healthy.  Parents who drop in to go fishing or mow the yard unexpectedly and then stay for a highball or a cookie—at a safe distance and on the porch.

I’m lucky to have a job.  A job I can do from anywhere.  A job that continues when so many things are shut down.

Here are a few clips from around my place today–between calls and online meetings.

I’m lucky to have a home.  A nice home.  A home I can work in. A home where I can keep horses and dogs.  A home where I feel safe and happy.

Working in isolation, on phone calls and zoom meetings hours at a time and sending more emails in a week than I have in 10 years…things are different.  I am sure I wouldn’t be handling it all so well without the chance to see my animals and get outside to feel the sun and wind or hear the birds and the stream.  Again, I am so lucky.


        My Missouri Fox Trotters are the biggest coping tools I have.  How about you?  I try to get outside a few times a day during my work time and see what the world must show me.

– Chastity Young

Chastity owns Foxtrot Urbane horses Lou’s Priceless Pride and Bravo Tango.  Both of these Missouri Fox Trotter horses are accomplished and show off the versatility of this great breed.  Thank you for sharing them with us Chas!