Missouri Fox Trotters are a gaited breed of horse, but you are finding more people that are participating in classes that have predominantly only seen quarter horses.  This is Foxtrot Urbane horse Lou’s Priceless Pride otherwise knows as Louie.  Yesterday, Louie went to a competition and competed for the first time in what is known as Ranch Boxing.

The class was developed for the new beginners as any entry level class, creating skills to improve upon and move into the working cow classes.  While Louie has done some cattle work, this Missouri Fox Trotter has mostly been in ring type, and versatility classes.  You will find that many Missouri Fox Trotters are actually considered “Cowy”, making them very suited for cattle competitions which is why Foxtrot Urbane members are participating in them more all the time.

Chastity commented that several people there were very inquisitive about her horse and wanted to learn more about him.  Chastity is never afraid to try something new.  In fact, Ranch Boxing wasn’t even a division on Foxtrot Urbane, but has now been added.  We feel our members are seeing the benefits of showing off the versatility of this horse, and love to add new divisions.  This shows that people are getting this gaited breed of horse out there and showing them off for others to see.

You can see all Louie’s accomplishments on his own personal page on Foxtrot Urbane at https://foxtroturbane.com/lous-priceless-pride-missouri-fox-trotter/   Lou’s Priceless Pride was also the featured horse on discoverthehorse.com

Want to learn more about Ranch Boxing?  Check out this link from the American Ranch Horse Association at https://www.americanranchhorse.net/Ranch_Boxing.asp

Until next time, go out and ride your Missouri Fox Trotter!

-Lisa Cantrell – Foxtrot Urbane

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