Foxtrot Urbane would like to congratulate the Missouri Fox Trotter Vision’s Enduring Freedom W for reaching the 400 credit level.  This beautiful Missouri Fox Trotter gelding is owned by Jake Benson.  You will find Freedom mostly on the trails in Arkansas and is one of the most photogenic horses you will find.  Freedom’s color is a Black and White Tobiano.    He is a division 3 horse, having credits in

  1.  Specialty Class
  2. MFTHBA National Trail Rides
  3. Trail Riding/Verified

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a very versatile breed and Foxtrot Urbane recognizes this with over 40 different Divisions for you to earn credits in.


Jake and Freedom love sharing the most beautiful pictures as they travel along on their trail riding adventures.  Jake shares his photos with other Foxtrot Urbane members through the “Members Only” group Foxtrot Urbane Community.  This a platform for Missouri Fox Trotter owners to share what they know, ask questions, and just enjoy all the accomplishments of Foxtrot Urbane members.  Foxtrot Urbane would love to have you and your Missouri Fox Trotter become a part of the great community of people!

Congratulations Jake and Freedom for all your hard work!


– Lisa Cantrell – Foxtrot Urbane