This Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion is


Sunny’s Doc Holliday FFR

owned by Michael and Marian George  from Emery, UT

MFTHBA Region 2

Stallion Information

Owner(s): Michael and Marian George
Owner Address: PO Box 633
Owner City: Emery
Owner State: Utah
Owner Zip Code: 84522
Owner Country: United States
Owner Phone Number: 435-851-6453
Owner Email:
Facebook Page:
Web Address:
Stallion Registration Name: Sunny’s Doc Holliday FFR
Stallion Registration Number: 15-101169
Ships Semen?: Yes

MFTHBA Region: 2

Special Comments: Doc is a stunning, well put together old time Fox Trotter with foundation breeding. He is very athletic with a really nice old time foxtrot. His disposition is excellent and he is a true gentleman to handle. His foals have great muscling pretty heads a wonderful foxtrot and great minds. The word that comes to mind when trying to describe his foals is appealing. Their personalities, conformation, movement and how they interact is appealing. We are really pleased with what he produces and know you will be too.

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