This Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion is

Chocolate Bar M

owned by Doug Mathews and Jessica Harris, Long Lane, MO

MFTHBA Region 4

Stallion Information

Owner(s): Doug Mathews & Jessica Harris
Owner City: Long Lane, MO
Owner Address:
Owner State: Missouri
Owner Country: United States
Owner Zip Code: 65590
Owner Phone Number: 4177330051
Owner Email:
Web Address:
Facebook Page:
MFTHBA Region: 4
Stallion Registration Name: Chocolate Bar M.
Stallion Registration Number: 07-90857
Ships Semen?: No
Special Comments: Chocolate Bar M. is a Silver Dapple Fox Trotter stallion. He is homozygous for black. He does not stand to the public, but expecting 20 plus foals. We do have a silver dapple stallion we are standing. “The Chocolate Prince”

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