This Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion is


Legend’s Outlaw M.R.

owned by Lothar and Monika Rowe at Miller Ranch from Scottsdale, AZ

MFTHBA Region 3




Stallion Information

Stallion Name: Legend’s Outlaw M.R.
MFTHBA Region: Region 3
Owner(s): Lothar and Monika Rowe
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ
Phone: 480-277-5723
Facebook Page:
Web Address:
Ships semen:  Yes

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DNA tested # MFC 220136 and PSSM tested – negative- by the University of Minnesota. He has also successfully passed the Breeding Suitability Test (ZTU) and was shown at the Breed Show 2018 (ZTP). He passed with extraordinary 7.67 points, although he couldn´t be shown in riding, because of a hoof crack. He was entered in the European Studbook of the Missouri Foxtrotter.

Another “Outlaw”, a beautiful stallion,  always alert. He got it all from his dam and his sire, conformation, unbelievable, nature rhythm and harmony, natural gaits, very coordinated. .”Legend´s Outlaw” is a very special horse. As a stallion, he is one of the very few, you can ride with other horses with no problems.  He is as easy to ride as a gelding, because he shows a very good, social and affable character. He has a great disposition and everybody who sees him is endeared by his nature. His gaits are extraordinary, very smooth, with his extraordinary rhythm – pure nature- a gaited machine. He has a long stride in front and shows a natural flat foot walk, foxtrot, a  very beautiful natural canter. Whoever has watched his dam in a show, knows the potential of this horse. Watching his show canter is joy pure. It is a lot of fun to ride him. He was several times on the Monument Valley Trail and was ridden by our Indian guide Nesswood. “Legend’s Outlaw” has great potential and he is a prospect for the blue as well. We showed him already in California, Scottsdale and Ava, Mo.

He is an extraordinary producer.  See his offspring, they all got his charisma, gaits and his abound in rhythm as well, successful in the US and Europe. He was body scanned, because his frozen semen was shipped to Germany and is stored there at an EU-Station. SHIPPED SEMEN AVAILABLE- Watch his video, it was presented at the Stallion Tour in Missouri 2017.

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