On day 2 of the MFTHBA Spring Show, with the truck parked in front of Fancy’s stall, I was easily able to feed Ms. Fancy her breakfast. Fancy is my Missouri Fox Trotter horse.  I cleaned her stall and staggered back into the truck where sleep took over again. Suddenly, it seemed like climate change had happened. The sun was beating down on the truck and the humidity attacked. I was awake and starting to steam inside the hot truck. I restocked Fancy’s hay and left the grounds for breakfast. I used Day time Allegra to stop the runny nose. It didn’t work. it did make my mouth feel like a dessert. My tongue was so dry it took some muscle to get it to slide along side of the dry gums. My nose continued it’s friendship with the blue work rag.

I went into Ava to find food. I looked for my favorite resting place with food, the Sonic. Oh sad! Sonic had been “unSoniced”. It was deserted. All the Sonic words had been removed. Cry! Casey’s was the choice on this day.

I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t I stop by the local motel and see if they had an empty room tonight. Fall on my knees in happiness. My new best friend told me YES! I will rest a lot better in a motel room. I need rest. If I am to survive, I need rest. Thank Goodness! I moved in and took a nap!

This afternoon was to be grooming day. Rain was expected during the afternoon.. I would get my practice session in during the afternoon. Oh my, every hair on Fancy’s body was going to be brushed. Her mane and tail would be combed and float. Then she would get her bath and dry. The forecast was rain during the day. So I fixed that problem with the big bath and grooming day. Our practice session would be in the early evening, rain free and cooler.

I cleaned Fancy’s stall. I put the manure tub outside the door. My hero, Darrel Martin, another Missouri Fox Trotter owner, had moved in today. He always helps me with something. I came out of the stall to discover an empty manure tub. Hero Darrel had whipped over, and emptied the manure into his wheelbarrow. Thank the Lord said the mucous nose woman!

I got into the truck and drove to the restroom at the MFTHBA versatility arena. Friends were in the arena having a great time practicing. I sat in the air conditioned truck for a while, resting. Fancy would soon be dry and riding time would begin. Funny, the afternoon rain never came!

Energy returned to the body. Quiet time in the truck gave me oxygen. Time for me to ride. I had enough energy left to saddle up Fancy.

Fancy was saddled and her warm out successful. My mount from the trailer fender took a few seconds. Life was good. We took off at a slow walk up the steep rocky road. We hit the grass and headed toward the versatility arena. Hmmm, there was a loose horse running around. This is not the arena for us! Fancy had become “ancy”, (nervous, anxious). Hmmm. We rode to the gravel warm-up arena, but before we made it, the rain started. Oh ick! Where is that weather forecaster! The rain picked up and I’m far from the dry stall. We walk along with Fancy being anxious-prancy . I was thinking a loud clap of thunder or lighting would probably result in my death. I got Fancy stopped long enough to make a quick dismount. In the pouring rain the sick woman walked her horse to the stall. Scream! We flipped that saddle off under the overhang. Fancy got her food and night time hay. I got the saddle, bridle and pad put away safe from the rain.

I climbed into the truck and went to Ava. I struggled to get into the motel. My stomach has been getting tight with pain. I can barely walk. My legs want to let my body collapse. What the heck? I’m just barely alive now. I’m almost able to make it into the motel. My friend was there. I ask if my room is free on Wednesday.. No! There are no rooms tomorrow. I made it to the room, made my sweaty wet clothes disappear and fell into the bed. Hmmm, my body wanted a restroom experience. Oh, that was the problem. Usually my body doesn’t tell me like that! I collapsed and slept.

My body woke up and told me it needed supper. I thought about that fabulous veggie taco. I visited the Mexican restaurant and got it to go. When I came back to the motel, my best friend looked up and told me the great news. A room had cancelled! I would have to change rooms, but having the motel room on Tuesday and Wednesday would enable me to live. Yes! Yes! I ate and collapsed again in a much better state. I thought about the zero practice today. Oh well. I knew Fancy and I would survive. I might win the “Cowgirl of the Day” award, but I had no worry about involuntary leaving the saddle.

After food was eaten and body showered, it feel into a restful unconsciousness in the bed. I was awoken by a strange noise. The strange noise was the telephone. What! I finally found the source of the noise and answered. My best friend in the world told me I didn’t need to change rooms in the morning. The room was mine through Wednesday! Yay!

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-Susan Engle-

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