My dreams as a little girl really have come true with the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse.  Since beginning the blog site for Foxtrot Urbane, I knew I wanted to share this note that I had written many years ago in 2nd grade.  Pictured here is my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Potter and me in 2nd grade.  I don’t remember writing this note, but at the beginning of my senior year, I received it in the mail from her.  I graduated from a small school, and many of my classmates and I went through school together.  She had saved all our notes and mailed them to each of us at the beginning of our senior year.  At the time, I had no idea what this note would mean.

About 45 years later, this is what it means.  I am blessed every day to live on a small farm and know the hard work it takes to make it run.  I can walk out of my house any time and appreciate all the goodness it provides.  Today’s blessing is alfalfa hay down and getting to smell the most wonderful aroma as it’s laying in the field curing out to be baled.  I get to enjoy the “Lots of Horses” that I said I wanted in my second grade note.  Each of them with their own personalities and qualities that make each of them special.  I love petting on a horse and getting the dirt that sticks to your hands and fingers that smells like a horse.  I loved going out this morning and seeing Raymond stare at me, begging with his eyes to come and pet him, so of course I did.

I also said I want to live happy.  It’s no secret I am one of the most blessed people walking this precious earth.  Any one that knows me, also knows how important my family is to me.  My parents still farm (dairy cows and beef cows) and have lived happily ever after for 54 years.  My husband Danny and I have been married forever or 29 years, whichever comes first, and we have now two daughters, two son-in-laws, the most precious grandson Boone, who is two and rides his stick horse everywhere and even ties him up before he goes to bed every night, and expecting a grand-daughter in September.  Anna (daughter #1) and her husband Taler (son-in-law #1) come over often and we  spend many hours together as a family at the barn.  It’s a good thing both son-in-laws also love horses!  Meg (daughter #2) and Bryan (son-in-law #2) live now on our property and Bryan trains Missouri Fox Trotters here on our farm.

I remember years ago before we built our barn, we would travel to friends who had barns and I can remember pulling in and hearing all the horses call to one another, excited to see a new horse at the barn.  I now get to hear that sweet sound each time a customer pulls in.  It’s the welcome to the barn sound!  I wonder what I meant in second grade when I said “Lots of Horses”?

My dog is Cowgirl, a rescue dog from a shelter I’ve had now for 7 years.  I was somewhat under peer pressure by my good friends Tammy Studyvin and Dawn Toler to follow suit after they had both gotten rescue dogs.  Anna told me she would have “Issues” and Danny said he was sure she wouldn’t even tree a squirrel.  It’s definitely safe to say Cowgirl is the top dog around here, and while she does have issues, they are the best issues I could ever ask for.  By the way, she will tree a squirrel, and I showed Danny!

I cannot thank Mrs. Potter enough for saving this note all those years and sharing it with me.  It really is proof that dreams do come true!

Lisa Cantrell – Foxtrot Urbane