Several Missouri Fox Trotter Horse owners and enthusiast began the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation (RFTHF).  This dedicated group of individuals wanted to see the Missouri Fox Trotter grow, with a positive impact on sustaining the breed. Whether you need help establishing, growing, or expanding an event, or you have fallen in love with a Missouri Fox Trotter that needs rescued, this foundation could be just what you need.

Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation (RFTHF) member Shelly Robbins loves this breed and serves on several different boards to help promote the breed. Shelly shares her story of how she became involved with Missouri Fox Trotters and why this passion flows over into the Foundation..

I’m fairly new to Missouri Fox Trotters. I grew up in Western Kansas and Southern Colorado, where the quarter horse was the staple ride!  From the time I could walk, I had cowboy hats, boots, ropes and stuffed horses always with me. When I was in high school I worked on a quarter horse ranch and rode every chance I was given by friends and family.

I moved to the Kansas City area in 2000 and met the Wilson Farms Family, Bob and Colleen Wilson, Amber Wilson and Shawn and Amy Stangl.  A short time after meeting them, they put me on my first Missouri Fox Trotter.   Wilson Farms shared several of their amazing horses and introduced me to this passion I knew was there,  but never fully jumped into….and then I jumped!

I purchased my first horse, a Missouri Fox Trotter named Della’s Dirty Secret M aka Sissy in 2015!  Sissy and I have grown and learned so much together (with a lot of coaching, tears, joy and support).  Not only has she brought me the most pride and joy I have ever felt, she has also brought me the most amazing ‘family’ I could ever be blessed to find!  This breed is amazing. Those that love this breed are even more amazing!  I proudly work with the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association, (MFTHBA), Kansas City Regional Foxtrotting Horse Association, (KCRFTHA) and the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation (RFTHF)!

The Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation (RFTHF), is a 501(c)3 charity organization, and was started by Missouri Fox Trotter owners whose personal enjoyment of the horse varies, but their passion is all the same as their slogan says, “For the Love of our Breed.”

The organization is committed to supporting the breed through the establishment of two funds:

  • Event Support Fund: This fund supports the establishment, growth or expansion of equine events that actively encourage or promote the involvement of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.  Learn more at

Founding Board Members and volunteers include Julie Bellucci, Rick Hoffman,  Shelly Robbins,  Amy Stangl, Amber Wilson, and Chastity Young.

Foxtrot Urbane believes so strongly in this organization that $10 of every horse enrollment or renewal goes to the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation.

Shelly say that seeing the promotion of this breed and those that love this breed are true treasures!

-Shelly Robbins

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