Foxtrot Urbane members have set some high goals for themselves and their Missouri Fox Trotters this year.  The versatility of the breed and the comfort of the gait makes them a great horse for any age.  We are seeing more and more that these horses are going out and competing in a wide range of events and doing very well.  Foxtrot Urbane members live all across the United States and Germany and sometimes only have shows and events in their area that have previously only been attended by non-gaited horses.  What’s been so exciting, is when Fox Trotter owners take their horse to these events, they are finding people are asking a lot of questions about them.  Sometimes people haven’t even heard of the breed.

Foxtrot Urbane continuously strives to promote the MFTHBA, but it’s really the members that are doing all the leg work.  They love the disposition along with the gait and versatility that comes with owning a Missouri Fox Trotter.  We ask our Foxtrot Urbane members what their goals are for 2020, and this is what they said.

Pam Gebauer – Start my new mare Annie in NATRC

Jodi Myers – Continue to compete in Western Dressage at Basic Level and add two divisions on Foxtrot Urbane, endurance and possibly cow work.

Chastity Young – I want to do some bareback riding with Louie and I would like to be more comfortable with our bridle-less work.

Susan Engle – Pass Parellie Level 4 in Bridleless and Finesse auditions.

Angie Gibson – More at east on trail rides….more rides is the main goal.

Mindy Jo Hoy – Cow work.

Apryl Ballard – Ride my horse in Western Dressage.

Michelle Last – Ride in endurance ride in AZ.  Learn driving and rope a moving target.

Kim Wegand – Master our cantering

Erin Patterson – Slow down and enjoy my horse more….more trail rides and gravel roads.

Carole Sharp – To keep on keeping on.

Hope Kohout – Do some more MFTHBA National Trail Rides this year.

Jessica Harris – Keep a healthy, sound horse and ride as much as I can.

Carol Mason – Flying lead changes.

As you can see, Missouri Fox Trotter owners will be busy accomplishing all these goals and recording them on their horse’s transcript on the Foxtrot Urbane website.  Foxtrot Urbane would love to have you as a part of this great group of Fox Trotter enthusiasts that help each other and cheer each other on to accomplish their goals.  I can tell you, they become a part of your family.  Join now at

Until next time, go out and ride your Missouri Fox Trotter!

-Lisa Cantrell – Foxtrot Urbane