Do you own a Missouri Fox Trotter and feel like you’re on an island?  I have heard people say this who own and love Missouri Fox Trotters, but live in areas where there aren’t other Fox Trotter owners.  This beautiful breed of horse is so multi-talented and some of them come with as many gaits as an 18 wheeler has gears, making the figuring out process sometimes difficult.

When I started Foxtrot Urbane, I wanted a place that felt like family, that members could feel like they weren’t alone, even if no other Missouri Fox Trotter owners lived close by.  This picture is me and my family and I’m very lucky that if I’m having any sort of issue with my horse, I can get lots of advice.  Let me just tell you, there are a LOT of opinions in this picture!  I’m sure any of you that know us are probably chuckling right now.

Foxtrot Urbane is becoming more and more like family to those of us that are members.  When you become a member of Foxtrot Urbane, you are ask to join the members only Facebook Group called Foxtrot Urbane Community.  This Community of Fox Trotter owners shares with each other their accomplishments, personal achievements, and helps answer each other’s questions.  It’s a way to support each other and cheer each other on without feeling threatened and you definitely don’t have that feeling of being alone on an island any more.

Foxtrot Urbane members knowledge is varied in so many disciplines, that we are finding other members are wanting to learn more and push themselves to areas they didn’t even know about before.  How great is this for the promotion of our breed.

It’s a common theme now for members to report back to me at traditionally non-gaited  shows of how many people were inquiring about their horse and the breed including the judges that had judged the event.  I could go on and on about how much this horse means to me and my family AND how much it means to my Foxtrot Urbane Family too.  It’s written all over their faces with the pictures I see and credits they send me to post on their horse’s page on the Foxtrot Urbane website.


If you feel like you need help or have questions, or just want to be a part of something great, I would love for you to become a member of some of the greatest family I know, the members of Foxtrot Urbane.  We’ll be waiting with the stall door open!  Become a member today at

– Lisa Cantrell – Foxtrot Urbane

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