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Promoting & Documenting the Gaited Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

It is the purpose of Foxtrot Urbane to maintain records of accomplishments of Missouri Fox Trotter horses throughout their lifetime.  Foxtrot Urbane provides documentation, recognition and credits of achievements. Keeping official documented credits with a transcript on horses in the Lifetime Achievement Credits program will be beneficial to those interested in owning, purchasing or selling these gaited horses.

Foxtrot Urbane provides documented proof of the horse’s achievements.  Buyers can look for specific traits in the horse they are searching to buy and sellers have documentation that will go with the horse proven to the seller.

Our Story

Foxtrot Urbane is an organization that was founded for the promotion of the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse along with recognizing, supporting, promoting, and recording, many disciplines of this gaited breed of horse and its abilities.  When you look at the definition of urbane, you will see words like balanced, courteous,  elegant, genteel, gracious, mannerly, poised, polished, polite, refined, smooth, sophisticated, suave, well bred, and well mannered.  These words all describe the Missouri Fox Trotter horse and the organization Foxtrot Urbane represents.  Foxtrot Urbane promotes and stands for each of these traits with the horse along with each of the members.

Our Mission

The mission of Foxtrot Urbane is to promote the entire Missouri Fox Trotter Horse and document it’s achievements in all aspects through the Lifetime Achievement Credits program with an official transcript.

Whether you’re a fierce competitor or you want to relax and enjoy your horse, Foxtrot Urbane wants to recognize your gaited horse for its achievements.

Membership and Enrollment

Membership for riders/handlers and enrollment for the horse is on a one year basis.  Membership and enrollment begins on the date the membership and/or enrollment are paid.  Refunds will not be given for early termination for memberships or enrollments.    

Membership cost is $35 per year

Horse Enrollment cost is $75 per year

How Horses Are Recognized

Horses will be classified by divisions and credits.  Divisions are determined by the number of disciplines a horse has participated in.  Credits are determined by the total credits received in the disciplines a horse participates in.  Credits are cumulative of all the disciplines.  Credits will only be accumulated with an active rider/handler membership AND active horse enrollment.  Horses can accumulate credits with multiple riders/handlers as long as each rider/handler has a current Foxtrot Urbane membership.

Credits on the transcript stay with a horse no matter if the owner changes, or the horse’s membership expires, however to accrue credits a horse must have an active enrollment and the rider/handler must have a current membership.

Recognition for divisions will be updated on the website and social media.  Credits will be recognized on the website and awards will be mailed to the owner of the horse.  For this submission to be considered:  Horse must be currently enrolled in the Foxtrot Urbane Lifetime Achievement Awards Program as well as the Exhibitor (rider/handler) must be a current member of Foxtrot Urbane in good standing.  Example:  If you have your horse with a trainer, and the trainer shows your horse, your trainer must be current member and your horse must be currently enrolled for your horse to receive credits.  If you have your horse in training but you are the only one that rides/handles your horse and your trainer doesn’t, the trainer will not be required to be a current member.

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