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1. Become a Member

Become a part of Missouri Fox Trotter enthusiast around the world that love their horse and celebrate the talents and achievements of this great breed. Being a member of Foxtrot Urbane gives you and your horse a platform to showcase your talents.

2. Enroll Your Horse

Now your Missouri Fox Trotter can be recognized and promoted with its accomplishments in an official Foxtrot Urbane Transcript through the Lifetime Achievement Awards Program.  It doesn’t matter what discipline you participate in, your horse will get the recognition it deserves.

3. Record Your Credits

Recording your credits is easy.  Fill out your Lifetime Achievements Form including the divisions and credits and click submit within 72 hours and watch your Missouri Fox Trotter gain notoriety and build its transcript.


4. Stallion


Now your Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion can be recognized and promoted on the Stallion Directory for the world to see.  It’s an easy way for persons everywhere to see what stallions are available and out there for them to breed their mares to.  It also offers advertising for you as an owner which reaches all across the globe.

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The Stallion Directory of Foxtrot Urbane

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What is Foxtrot Urbane?

Foxtrot Urbane is an organization that was founded for the promotion of the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse along with recognizing, supporting, promoting, and recording, many disciplines of the horse and its abilities.  When you look at the definition of urbane, you will see words like balanced, courteous,  elegant, genteel, gracious, mannerly, poised, polished, polite, refined, smooth, sophisticated, suave, well-bred, and well mannered.  These words all describe the Missouri Fox Trotter horse and the organization Foxtrot Urbane represents.  Foxtrot Urbane promotes and stands for each of these traits with the horse along with each of the members.

To see some of the greatest Missouri Fox Trotter Stallions in the breed, go to the Stallion Directory of Foxtrot Urbane here

To see all the accomplishments of Missouri Fox Trotter horses, check out the Horse Directory of Foxtrot Urbane here

Spread the Word

Foxtrot Urbane is for the  promotion of the Missouri Fox Trotter horse. Our goals are:

  • To give any Missouri Fox Trotter owner a place to showcase and record the accomplishments of their horse through the Lifetime Achievement Awards Program through an official transcript.
  • To promote every division/discipline with a comprehensive easy to follow and up-to- date calendar of events.
  • To promote the breed using the Foxtrot Urbane website along with social media to spread the word about this great breed of horse.
  • To easily partner with other organizations Missouri Fox Trotter owners might already be a part of and enhance what they are already achieving.
  • To help ensure a place where anyone who owns a Missouri Fox Trotter has a community of people they can collaborate, communicate and compete with.

I am so excited for you to become a part of this journey and can’t wait for you and your Missouri Fox Trotter to begin your story.

Lisa Cantrell
Foxtrot Urbane

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Complete the Foxtrot Urbane Enrollment Form for your horse, and complete the membership form for the handler/rider and submit with payment to Foxtrot Urbane. Enrollment and membership in the program is one year from the time of enrollment and membership.

Do I have to be a member?

Yes, you must be a Foxtrot Urbane member in order to participate in the program and for your credits to count.  Your membership will allow you to accumulate credits on ANY Fox Trotter horse that has an active enrollment with Foxtrot Urbane.

What if I let my Horse’s Enrollment expire?

Not a problem, you can re-enroll your horse and begin accumulating credits at any time, however no credits will be retroactive while your horse’s enrollment was not active.  Once the horse becomes inactive, it will be considered retired.  Credits and divisions will stay with the retired horse.  If the horse comes out of retirement and enrolls again, it will pick up where it left off when its enrollment expired.  Credits and divisions will only be accumulated with an active enrollment, and rider/handler must have a current membership.  Remember, if your horse previously had credits and divisions, those will still be recognized.

Does my horse have to be registered with the MFTHBA?

Yes, all equines must be registered in order to participate.  This includes the MFTHBA Pony Registry.

Do I have to have my own Missouri Fox Trotter in order to participate?

No, you do not have to own the Missouri Fox Trotter(s) that you use, however the horse owner is the one that will be receiving the awards.  Horse owners will be verified through the MFTHBA.

Can I log points on more than one Missouri Fox Trotter?

Yes, you may participate with more than one Missouri Fox Trotter as long as each horse is currently enrolled in Foxtrot Urbane.

If I am the owner of the Missouri Fox Trotter but I never ride my horse, only other people do, do I have to become a member of Foxtrot Urbane?

No, only the rider/handler accumulating credits is required to be a member of Foxtrot Urbane, and the horse must have an active enrollment.

I want to enroll a stallion in the Stallion Directory, do I have to become a member?

No, enrolling a stallion in the Foxtrot Urbane Stallion Directory doesn’t require a membership.

What People Are Saying

“I am so excited about this organization that celebrates the Missouri Foxtrotter and the versatility of this wonderful breed.   Foxtrot Urbane uses statistics based on each horses’ accomplishments. I love the idea that my horses will have their own transcript that I can use to promote my horses’ accomplishments.  Foxtrot Urbane is for all MFT horse enthusiast that will challenge horse and rider alike to experience different disciplines.  I look forward to see what else is to come from Foxtrot Urbane!”

- Debbie Franklin

“Wow! What a fantastic way to challenge all MFT owners to showcase the versatility of our breed. I’ve always enjoyed learning new disciplines and teaching my horse a new job. Now, through Fox Trot Urbane, I will have a permanent record of his accomplishments. For those of us who love challenges, this will be like the cherry on top. I believe through Fox Trot Urbane’s program the rest of the equine world will see the Missouri Fox Trotter for what he is, a talented, versatile horse able to successfully compete with other breeds, and then take us comfortably and smoothly down the trail.”

- Carol Mason

“I have always felt that there is no limit to what our Fox Trotters can accomplish.  They are truly an exceptional horse with athletic qualities that surpass any other gaited breed.  My husband and I have had the honor to compete in MFTHBA performance and versatility divisions, and then go outside the breed box by entering and successfully competing alongside non gaited horses.  We have shown off our Fox Trotters successfully at Reined Cow Horse events, Ranch Sorting, Hunter Jumper, Extreme Cowboy Events, Carriage Driving, America’s Favorite Trail Horse, Classical and USEF Western Dressage competitions.

Foxtrot Urbane has embraced the greatness of the Missouri Fox Trotter!  This organization will provide our horses with resumes in the form of educational transcripts, that document the diverse accomplishments that our horses have been able to achieve.  The Foxtrot Urbane transcripts will add value to our horses by documenting their training experience through the competitions and events that they take part in.  Foxtrot Urbane will continue to challenge us all to seek out new events to showcase our exceptional breed and in this process, promote the Missouri Fox Trotter to people who never knew that gaited horses could do – what the Fox Trotter can.”

- Tori Blankenship

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